Many companies have trouble succeeding in the world of government contracting for one simple reason: the inability to find the right opportunity. Finding the bid that best matches your product or service offering among literally hundreds of thousands of gem registration opportunities can be a very daunting task. With a little help, including proper bid matching, any company has a shot at dominating the lucrative government bidding marketplace.

The Needle in the Haystack: Finding the Right Government Contract

Most government agencies issue their own bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs), and advertise them on one of tens of thousands of different agency sites. Unfortunately, there is not yet a centralized, online bidding marketplace for state and local procurement like there is for federal government agencies. Furthermore, many agencies still issue their bids by fax or newspaper, making procurement opportunities even more difficult for smaller businesses to discover. This is where proper bid matching comes into play.

Identifying the Right Government Bid Matching Service

When entering into contracts with state, local and federal government entities, the government is considered an “agent” of the people served by the agency or government. As a result of this public responsibility, many of the details of contracting are carefully defined by statute. In addition, rules and regulations pertaining to establishing specifications in the bidding process and the award/selection process are carefully controlled, which means that the process is largely open to public scrutiny and is very structured.

A quick search will reveal that there are many services that can match your company to potential government contracts by industry. While elementary matching of this type can be useful, it doesn’t always shrink your prospect pool sufficiently to find a perfect match for your business and get an edge on your competition.

Some companies go beyond this basic matching and offer a summary of vital information, access to full bid and RFP documents, special agency notes, related links and data, and have the ability to monitor upcoming opportunities that have not yet become government RFPs (including pre-solicitations). A service that tracks bidding competition as well as winning bid information will give your company the greatest competitive advantage, bringing you that much closer to closing in on the right government bid.

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