The ever popular children’s genre has been around for a long time, and is extremely popular with children from all age groups and from all over the آموزش حرفه ای. Even those children that cannot read, can still enjoy stories via children’s audio books. In any case, narrated stories have always been a popular past time for growing children, and children’s audio books allows them that experience in the comfort of their own home, or even on the road!

The early history of children’s audio books saw them produced strictly on cassette tapes. As our technology advanced, the cassette tapes soon gave rise to the ever popular compact disc (CD). But, what really gave children’s audio books a real push forward was the introduction of digital audio books – those that could be downloaded from the Internet, to a favorite MP3 player, such as iPod. The selection of mediums (cassettes, CD, digital download) gives children the ability to enjoy a range of children’s audio books more than ever before.

Now that children’s audio books have grown in popularity, we’re starting to see an increase in available titles, published alongside regular paperback and hardcover editions. In most cases, you can expect to find many popular children’s audio books, such as the Harry Potter series, in major books stores and retailers. But fret not – even if a particular item isn’t available in stores, simply hop online to an audio book site and download a limitless selection of children’s audio books to your child’s MP3 player! Selections can be downloaded to an MP3 player (or your computer) in a matter of minutes.

Children’s audio books aren’t simply for entertainment anymore – they can be extremely valuable teaching tools too. If you’re child is learning to read, then making use of children’s audio books alongside a printed book will allow them to follow the words as they are narrated – helping them make the connection between spoken and written words. But it doesn’t stop there. Children will be much more likely to gain important knowledge from audio books, simply because the audio books are more stimulating than a typical classroom setting.

And don’t worry, the narrative quality of professionally published audio books are outstanding. We’re not talking computer synthesized voices here, but actual human narrators, some of which have won awards for their ability to draw a reader in with his or her story telling abilities. Some popular narrators include: Ron McLarty, Scott Brick, George Guidall, Frank Muller, and even Stephen King himself. This is just a small list of the talented voices used in narrating a story. And believe me when I say that the narrator can make or break a story, based on his or her talents!

Can you possibly think of some other ways that your child might enjoy, or benefit, from listening to children’s audio books? There are numerous applications, but let’s not forget one very important one: listening simply for the sheer enjoyment of it all!

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